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Clemson was ranked in the top 10 of Sports Illustrated's "Best College Town Meals."

Clemson ranked on Sports Illustrated’s ‘Best College Town Meals’ list

Clemson has been a place where sports fans have flocked for many years to watch great football. While they are there, they apparently can get some tasty food, too.

Rather than ranking the top 25 college football teams for the preseason, Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated took a stab at listing the top 25 meals that can be consumed in a college town.

Staples explained at the beginning of his list that in order to qualify, the town must have a population less than 500,000. And secondly, the town’s reason for existing must be because of the university. That disqualified ACC places such as Georgia Tech, Boston College, Pittsburgh and Syracuse.

But the sampler at The Smokin’ Pig in the greater Clemson area came in at No. 7. Here’s what Staples wrote about that meal:

You expect great pulled pork in South Carolina. You do not expect excellent brisket. But they do both well at The Smokin’ Pig. So when driving between Anderson and Clemson (on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday), stop in and get a plate loaded with the pork, brisket and ribs. Get the jalapeno cheese grits and Brunswick stew on the side. Then find a friend to wheel you out of the place.

The only other ACC town that made the list was Charlottesville, Va. The B.O.M.B. at Boylan Heights ranked at No. 13 on the list.