Christian Petersen/Getty Images
Bill Snyder has traded a coffee cup for a water bottle this season as a concession to his illness.

Kansas State legend Bill Snyder back in coaching without his customary coffee

Throughout his Hall of Fame coaching career, Bill Snyder has outworked most other coaches with an ethic that surpassed coaches half his age.

There was a secret to Snyder’s success. He was a coffee fiend, drinking many cups throughout the day. His drink of choice often was laced with cream and sugar.

That’s all changed after the 77-year-old Snyder’s throat cancer scare last season. He’s recovered to the point where he’s returned to the sideline less than eight months after he was diagnosed.

One change was present at the Wildcats’ recent media day. His customary coffee cup is gone, replaced by an ever-present bottle of water.

Snyder’s doctors ordered him to carry a bottle of water with him everywhere he goes because of his need to stay hydrated.

Whether Snyder misses his coffee hasn’t been mentioned — yet.

But as he begins his 26th season as the oldest FBS coach in the nation, it will be interesting to watch how he holds up.