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ESPN analyst Jay Bilas strongly stated this week that the NCAA has no case against North Carolina.

ESPN analyst Jay Bilas says ‘NCAA has no case’ against North Carolina

North Carolina representatives will meet in front of the NCAA Committee of Infractions in two weeks to settle accusations that UNC gave preferential treatment to student-athletes in the classroom. ESPN analyst Jay Bilas made it very clear Thursday which side he will be on when the hearing occurs.

“I was making Carolina’s argument before they ever made it, from the very beginning of the thing,” Bilas said during an appearance on the David Glenn Show. “You don’t have to be a legal genius, which I am certainly not, in order to spot that the NCAA has no jurisdiction here and they have no case here. Because the NCAA is not alleging that North Carolina committed academic fraud. In fact the term academic fraud or academic misconduct can be found nowhere in the notices of allegations that they put out.

“So they are not saying that any of these course are fraudulent. It’s a question of an extra benefit. So did the university have special arrangements for athletes to get into these classes?

“First of all, there are special arrangements for athletes to get into classes all the time, all over the place. That happens everywhere.

Bilas also went on to explain that North Carolina cannot be found guilty of providing extra benefits to student-athletes because the classes they were enrolled in were also available to non-athletes.

Of course, the NCAA will have final say at the hearing, which will be held in Nashville, Tenn. on Aug. 16 and 17. Basketball coach Roy Williams and football coach Larry Fedora will be in attendance with athletic director Bubba Cunningham.