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Oklahoma State running back Justice Hill pounded for a game-high 117 rushing yards to lead Oklahoma State's gritty 13-10 triumph over Texas on Saturday.

What Oklahoma State fans said after the Cowboys’ narrow win at Texas

Oklahoma State fans were relieved when the Cowboys escaped Austin, Texas with a 13-10 overtime victory over the Longhorns.

Here’s a sampling of their comments after the game, edited  for clarity, grammar and content.

Dustin Harp: “Gundy is the man.” 

Terry Brown: “Defense played excellent! Offensive coordinator sucks!”

James Wallace: “Not particularly pleased with our coaching today. We must improve … and now.”

Michael Robinson: “I love armchair coaches. I’ve got an idea, go to school, get your degree and work your way to being a college coach. When you do, I’ll come critique every little thing you do!”

Tim Paxton: “No. 10 team? … Sorry, I just don’t see it!” 

John Taylor: “Cardiac arrest averted. Was Mason’s throwing arm injured this week and the  public didn’t’t know it?”

Chris Flanagan: “Your defense played its best game? I would hate to see them play a bad game because Texas offense is not good and I’m a Texas fan.”