Brett Deering/Getty Images
Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield.

What Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield said on Monday

Here’s what Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield said during his press conference on Monday.

“I went through some pain last week. But I said it was an injury that you fight through.”

— on the shoulder injury he played through during the Kansas State victory

“Football is a violent game. You’re gonna have bumps and bruises. You have to suck it up and go play.”

— on playing with injuries

“I don’t think I would be where I’m at right now if they hadn’t given me a chance.”

— on his time at Texas Tech

“That’s the first step for Rodney. He’s only gonna get better and that’s a scary thought for other teams.”

— on running back Rodney Anderson

“We have to play with an edge … You have to want it more than the team you’re playing that week … This team hasn’t scratched the surface on how good it can be.”

— on Oklahoma’s mentality

“The defense has been champing at the bit to play this one. They’ve been waiting for 360 days to play this one.”

— on facing Texas Tech

“You don’t wanna peak too early as a team. We’re building right now.”

— on the Sooners’ play thus far

“He’s a lot faster than everyone else on the field.”

— on why wide receiver Marquise Brown has been getting the ball more in recent games