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Oklahoma's football team was beat by Georgia in the Lawry's Beef Bowl ahead of the Rose Bowl, which could be bad news for the Bulldogs.

Oklahoma football bested by Georgia in Lawry’s Beef Bowl

Georgia might be in trouble when it faces Oklahoma in the College Football Playoff semifinal on Monday.

The Sooners were bested by the Bulldogs in the Lawry’s Beef Bowl, a prime rib-eating competition, according to ABC Los Angeles’ Ashley Brewer.

Why is this bad news for Georgia?

Well, in Oklahoma’s only other Rose Bowl appearance, it participated in the Lawry’s Beef Bowl against Washington State.

The Cougars came away with a lopsided win, beating Oklahoma by eating 585 pounds of prime rib to Oklahoma’s 440 pounds, according to a Dec. 29, 2002, Los Angeles Times article.

As Oklahoma fans remember, the Sooners won 34-14 over the Cougars to take the 2003 Rose Bowl.

If history repeats itself, the Sooners once again will capture the Rose Bowl. But they also will clinch a spot in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game against either Clemson or Alabama.

The 2018 Rose Bowl is set for a 5 p.m. ET start, on ESPN.