Ron Jenkins/Getty Images
Gary Patterson is firing off takes on Twitter during the CFP title game.

Gary Patterson live-tweets College Football Playoff Championship Game

It seems TCU coach Gary Patterson enjoyed his time in the Coaches’ Film Room during the Rose Bowl.

Patterson continued to play the role of analyst in the first quarter of the College Football Playoff Championship Game. Only this time, he took to Twitter, where he has been spot-on with most of his observations so far.

(That one was about a penalty called on an Alabama cornerback for causing a Georgia player to jump across the line of scrimmage.)

Patterson pleading for Georgia to run the ball might seem like a tribute to Paul Finebaum callers, but it was a solid observation:

Hopefully Patterson will continue to offer his musings and observations as the game continues. And if he ever leaves TCU, there should be a seat in a college football TV booth somewhere with his name on it.